It is all too common for those who desperately need treatment for addiction not to get it. This is ultimate because of the cost. For many, it can be hard enough to realize you need help or start to ask for it.

People who have addiction might no longer have jobs or reliable income. This means they also might now have health insurance. That can make the idea of getting treatment to seem impossible.

Luckily, there are undoubtedly many opportunities out there. It just can involve a little bit more work. We don’t want anyone to ever give up on finding their better self just because of money worries. There are ways to get treatment without insurance.

Finding Affordable Treatment

Treatment centers tend to help you find a way to get treatment. Just by calling in they will want to help you find your options.

Even just Googling treatment centers can make this whole project overwhelming, we know. That’s why it is best to narrow it down to your specific addiction and work from there. If you have a prescription drug problem, then try to find a place that specializes in that. If you have alcohol addiction, then look for alcohol rehab.

Now that you have a much more manageable list you can start contacting the treatment centers. Here are options they may give you:

Flexible self-payment plans: Many places allow a long term payment plan that fits your needs; that way you can pay as you’re able.

Numerous financing options: Many centers will accept payment like credit card, loans, health care credit cards, etc. It doesn’t have to be money that you don’t yet have.

Sliding-pay scale: Some centers have a payment based on your income.

Referral to another treatment center: If they can’t provide help for you they can refer you somewhere that can.