Advertisement for edibles is usually the person promoting them as if they were candy. But marijuana edibles are not just some snack to take casually. You can’t eat as much of them as you want without problems. It’s important to remember that they do have a potent drug in them.

Sometimes they are named and created to look like treats, and it can be easy to forget they aren’t.

Overdosing on Marijuana Edibles

It actually can take longer to start to feel the effects of marijuana when eaten as opposed to smoked.

Many people will smoke marijuana recreationally and be used to the quick high. The drug enters the bloodstream through the lungs. This makes it way faster than consumption.

Waiting for the stomach to absorb marijuana can take up to an hour. This can lead people to think they didn’t take enough and consume more. This can easily lead to an accidental overdose.

Symptoms of a THC overdose include dizziness, hallucinations, and severe stomach issues.

Edibles can also be mistaken for casual snacks by others. If they are left within reach of children they can have dangerous consequences. It is important to keep edible marijuana tucked away safe and inaccessible by children.

Laws On Marijuana Edibles

Colorado changed its law on edibles in 2016, after it legalized marijuana. Colorado was one of the first states to legalize the drug.

–    The marijuana edibles package can’t say the word “candy” on it. That way it won’t be mistaken as such.

–    Edibles can’t have fun and silly shapes like cartoons, animals, fruit, or people.

–    There must be a THC symbol placed in plain view on the packages by manufacturers and each individual piece.

These laws were put into effect of helping keep people safe. It can be easy to mistake a “pot brownie” as a regular brownie if there is nothing indicates otherwise. Children might be more likely to try and eat a fruit or cartoon shaped treat because they think it is meant for them.

This keeps the edibles in the hands, and stomachs, of those who know what they’re eating. No one wants to take marijuana edibles without knowing and then be impaired.

Marijuana is only legal to use for those who are over the age of 21 in Colorado. Everyone needs to be aware of the potential risks of marijuana edibles.