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There are therapeutic specialties that we use most in our treatment. These are called out five modalities. They are based on evidence. This is the specific treatment our clients receive when with us.

We have trained doctors in all five of our modalities. That way they remain specialized and unique. The modalities make sure to emphasize what we value most: connection and love. These characteristics make a person feel whole and wanted, and that’s what we want to encourage.

The Five Modalities

  • 12 Step Relapse Prevention

This is where the classic 12 Steps come into play. They are a tried and true method that bring much to the table for recovery.

  • Authentic Self

This is for discovering your sense of great worth. We want to make sure you find your real purpose and explore passions and strengths that you have.

  • Healthy Relationships

Relating to other people and communicating in relationships can be hard. It is vital to find boundaries to set and only have relationships that are supportive.

  • Trauma Resolution

Many people have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). We offer life skills to help deal with these issues and manage them.

  • Spirituality and Core Change

Practicing spiritually can help recovery and keeping sobriety long term. We want to help foster that connection.

We start our clients out learning about our modalities right away. They can provide therapeutic insight and really help the recovery journey. From the moment you enter our detox center, you get right down to work.

Having good focus and motivation can assist in leading to the best recovery. Finding and focusing on one’s inner self and desires can really open doors. It is also important to recognize toxic patterns and influences in your life not just from addiction.


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