Drug and alcohol addiction is something that can kick start a lot of opinions. The collective ideal of addiction is that it is shameful and a character flaw. Even people who haven’t had addiction seem to have something to say about it.

This is because there are a lot of beliefs involving drugs and alcohol that just aren’t true. The internet is a great wellspring of information. That doesn’t always mean everything on it is accurate.

Very often there is a lot of misinformation spread. Drugs and alcohol are something that should be understood and cautioned by everyone. Myths can be dangerous to people because they believe them as fact. This can put people in danger.

Myth # 1 Marijuana Isn’t Dangerous

One of the most prevalent myths is that marijuana isn’t harmful to you. This is often promoted because of “weed culture.” Because marijuana isn’t necessarily as addictive or harmful, people say it is harm free. That isn’t the case.

Like any drug, marijuana can alter your brain chemistry. This is especially true for young people whose brains and bodies are still developing. Over time it can cause impairment and memory issues.

Try and say that the stoner who sits and smokes all day every day isn’t addicted to marijuana. It’s just a more acceptable type of addiction. This can be a dangerous assumption because it is possible to become dependent on marijuana. That shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Needing to be high just to function at school or work isn’t okay. So often it is treated as the norm or even a personality trait. Marijuana may not have the physical and mental dangers of many drugs, but it is still a drug.

Myth # 2 The Only Harmful Drugs Are Already Illegal

It is terribly common for people to think drugs prescribed by doctors are safe. That isn’t the case. Many drugs require a prescription and instructions. This is because if they aren’t taken properly then can be dangerous.

Drugs have side effects. Drugs can interact negatively with other drugs or alcohol. If someone takes more than a doctor prescribes of a drug because it’s “safe” they are at risk for an overdose. Overdoses can lead to death.

All drugs can be abused intentionally as well. People can steal drugs from friends and families medicine cabinets. If you have a strong prescribed drug it is important to remember it’s there and disposes of it properly.

Prescription drugs aren’t meant to be taken recreationally, but they often are. Just because the doctor said it was okay to use doesn’t mean you should use it just for fun. Use prescribed drugs as intended.

Myth # 3 It’s Okay To Combine Drugs And Alcohol

We all know that too much of a drug can cause addiction or worse. We all know too much alcohol can force you into intoxication. Some people seem to think switching back and forth is okay.

Say someone has drunk a few beers and is buzzed, but wants to be able to drive later. So they pop a pill or two to get a high to go with it. That isn’t safer, that doesn’t mean they can drive.

Drugs and alcohol are a dangerous combination. Some drugs are stronger because of alcohol and vice versa. The effects on the system can be sedative, or ultra-strong. At no point is it safe to use together and then try to drive. One doesn’t cancel out the other.

Taking drugs and alcohol together does not lead to more enjoyment. Instead, it leads to even higher risks for disaster.