Treatment & Recovery Center Nashville, Tennessee
For Drug Abuse. For Alcohol Addiction.

Treatment and recovery center located in the bright and sunny Nashville, Tennessee.

Family therapy

Each family is evaluated to find out not only what they need to succeed, but what they want.

12-step recovery process

We begin our inpatient rehab with the detoxification and provide medication-assisted therapy as needed.

Medically supervised treatment

We have strong evidence-based therapy treatment that follows to help you recover.

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Sober Individuals

Get the right treatment for you.

Our Treatment Modalities

There are therapeutic specialties that we use most in our treatment. These are called out five modalities. They are based on evidence. This is the specific treatment our clients receive when with us.

We have trained doctors in all five of our modalities. That way they remain specialized and unique. The modalities make sure to emphasize what we value most: connection and love. These characteristics make a person feel whole and wanted, and that’s what we want to encourage.

The Five Modalities

12 Step Relapse Prevention

This is where the classic 12 Steps come into play. They are a tried and true method that bring much to the table for recovery.

How To Get Treatment Without Insurance

It is all too common for those who desperately need treatment for addiction not to get it. This is ultimate because of the cost.

About Us

“Hit your addiction!”


Treatment & Recovery Center For Drug Abuse And Alcohol Addiction

We are a treatment and recovery center located in the bright and sunny Nashville, Tennessee. Nashville is known for its music and beginning grounds for rising stars. Where the music scene goes, addiction tends to follow.

This means that our community has a high need for quality addiction treatment. We aim to provide that treatment with love and care people deserve.

We have a thorough and expert addiction treatment program for drug abuse and alcohol addiction. We apply our Five Modalities to our treatment. It’s important for people to rediscover themselves and their needs and their health along with recreating their lives.

Addiction can isolate people, can break them down. Addiction can cause people to forget their dreams and lose their motivation. We take the time to get the help which people need so that they can begin again.

Our motto is to “Hit your addiction!” and we mean it. Today is the day to take charge of your life.

There isn’t the time or need for addiction in your life. Head on down to our center today for a quick consultation. We’ll find the best plan for you to take back your life.

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